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Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual Harassment Policy

CCJ has a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment including sexual harassment. CCJ is committed to provide a safe and secure educational space for every individual to achieve her or his true potential. Our environment is built on mutual respect and cultural sensitivity. The institution has a zero tolerance policy as defined below towards Sexual Harassment on campus and off campus, including in or any form of transportation to and from CCJ.

CCJ Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment is committed to ensuring that sexual harassment is prohibited, prevented and eliminated. Any form of sexual harassment is not tolerated. Any form of sexual harassment and any harassment of any kind are unlawful and will be subject to penalties in accordance with applicable law. All CCJ students and staff (both permanent and temporary, including faculty, visiting faculty, artists in residence, teaching substitutes, management personnel, regular, temporary, ad hoc employees, probationers, trainees, interns, office staff, support staff) are required to comply with this policy against sexual harassment. Also third party contractors, vendors and visitors (where feasible), are required to comply with this policy. The Institution has a sensitive and strong redressal process, which aims to provide the necessary and adequate required relief. The Institution is also committed to keep all harassment complaints and procedures confidential and time bound. All CCJ staff members and the student body are required to read and familiarise themselves with this policy.

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